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I'm Angela Trout, an Intuitive Coach and apprentice tarot card reader. If you are interested in a reading, or if you just have a few questions, please contact me at - all readings are strictly confidential.

You may be wondering why I have chosen to call my business Sophia's Path Tarot when my name is Angela... 

While I was considering starting a tarot reading business, it occurred to me I would have to come up with something catchy to put on my business cards. While this big question mark was floating around in my head, I happened to come across the name Sophia in reference to mythological figures. I've always been a fan of the name Sophia, as well as a fan of all things mythological, so I sat down and did some basic research online. I discovered that "Sophia" is derived from the Greek word for wisdom and represents the wisest of women in many ancient religions throughout the world. It then occurred to me, why not call my business Sophia's Path Tarot to represent the search for wisdom in this journey through life? It rang true in my mind and I hope it rings true in your mind too. Whether you take the word at its literal translation or seek guidance from the Goddess herself, my hope is that working together with the tarot cards you and I can shed the light of wisdom on your path through life.

Please explore my website, as you may find answers to some of your questions on my website's sub-pages (listed above the big, pink header).

At this time, while I am still apprenticing, I am giving readings at no charge. However, I do ask that you provide me with good quality feedback. I want to be the best Intuitive Coach I can be, and your feedback helps me to do that.

I look forward to working with you!
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